Secure Your Personal Items in Restrooms for Just $23.95

Restroom Specialties protect personal belongings from bacteria, damage, and theft.
  • Constructed of 100% plexiglass

  • Can hold up to 10 pounds

  • Bacteria resistant, easy to clean

  • Made in the USA


200 million people use a commercial restroom at least once a week.

  • 75% use our phones in commercial restrooms.

  • 68% think dirty restrooms indicate poor management.

  • 25% report issues relating to privacy.

  • 60% spend more money at businesses with clean restrooms.

  • 76% of parents have used a family restroom.

Improving the restroom experience

StallStash - Commercial Restroom Organizer


StallPlus+ - Restroom Privacy Gap Guard


StallCaddy - 
Urinal/Sink Organizer


WallStash - 
Wall Attached Organizer




StallPlus+ Installation Instructions

StallPlus+ Restroom Privacy Guard installs in 3 easy steps

Step 1

From inside the stall, place the StallPlus+ unit above the door lock until the wider part of StallPlus+ conceals the gap between the stall and door.

Step 2

Use one (1) tamper-proof screw (included) and drill the top part of StallPlus+ in to the stall door. If the gap is on the other side of the door, flip the unit.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 on the bottom part of the unit. Once both screws are installed, StallPlus+ will remain secure (adhesive strips can be used as well.)

Who Uses?

Office Buildings

Changes in hygiene habits have made the sanitary conditions of workplace restrooms more important than ever.


Students entering school and campus restrooms have backpacks, laptops and phones that need to be protected.

Restaurants & Bars

Keep returning diners, guests and employees happy with restrooms that are cleaner, organized and more comfortable.

Healthcare FAcilities

Minimize viral and bacterial spread by reducing human contact with risky germ-loaded surfaces and touchpoints.

Stadiums & Venues

High-traffic restrooms can easily be made more comfortable by providing fans and guests a restroom-stall organizer.

Airports & Terminals

Travelers using restrooms typically have bags, purses, and important belongings that can conveniently be kept clean and safe.

Houses of Worship

Improve the comfort of restrooms for visitors and families seeking a clean and safe place for their personal belongings.

Supermarkets & Retailers

Stores of all kinds can provide their shoppers with a convenient and low-maintenance solution to a universal problem.

Public Attractions

Families and visitors seeking a pleasant restroom experience can now be assured they have a space for their belongings.

We are Improving The Restroom Experience

When you enter a public restroom, do you worry about... 
Keeping your personal belongings clean and protected from bacteria? Issues regarding privacy while inside a stall? The cost and inconvenience of dropping or damaging your phone? Having your purse, wallet, laptop, or briefcase stolen or left behind? If so, you're not alone. Every time you enter a commercial restroom, you enter a vulnerable space. Restroom Specialties improve the 'restroom experience' for users of high-traffic restrooms.


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